Teach the Digital Teach

A couple of ideas here to encourage teachers in schools to use digital teaching resources:

1. I heard from Jude Ower (from Digital 2.0) yesterday that a school in Aberdeenshire has different games consoles in each classroom – see this amazing Futurelab report she helped to research that explores the educational properties of gaming – http://bit.ly/2lVCaw

2. Many teachers are really good with ICT, creating engaging digital learning experiences for their students. I would encourage schools to cross skill – perhaps introduce a credit system where teachers that invest time training other teachers will receive some benefits in return.

3. Teachable.net offer free ICT training for teachers – with budget cuts in teacher development this is a great option – along with their collection of resources. See http://www.teachable.net.

Just in case you have not thought about this before – “digital natives” – i.e. the generation that are at school today are going to engage better with digital delivery rather than text books-based learning. Of course this assumes that the digital plans are created well – something that Teachable and others can help with.

Student to Student learning

Can you think of an example of a product or service where the end user is NOT involved in its development?

How about school-based learning?

I wonder what a lesson plan would look like if, for example, a Year 10 student designed learning for a Year 8 class with input from an experienced teacher?

Digital? Playful? Interactive?

A great work-related learning skills development opportunity for the Year 10 class student: Presentation, communication, public speaking, co-ordination, leadership…

Update!! Guess what? I found a school in North London that has done this with great success!