Moving Ideas Forward

I am Julia Shalet. Product Doctor. I am a successful innovator, product leader, qualitative researcher, project director, lean practitioner, trainer, university tutor & event creator. I have a ton of experience from a broad range of sectors and organisation types.

Check out my book – it’s published by Pearson & available online through Amazon & other reputable booksellers. I have a limited number of complimentary surgeries each month for people who buy it.

I help people from all walks of life to give good ideas a chance and to focus their time, energy and money where they have the best chance of success. It is my personal anti-waste campaign!

For the past 25 years I have worked in start-ups, with self-employed, small and medium organisations, corporates and the third sector. I have managed high-value product portfolios and brought many successful new propositions to market that have attracted national media coverage.

Are you working on a new idea but not sure it’s worth investing your time, energy and money? Do you need help to get started? Perhaps you are looking for an efficient way to test, validate & refine your ideas?


I have helped hundreds of people evaluate, hone and progress their ideas through interactive workshops, one-to-one mentoring and by carrying out idea development & qualitative research on their behalf. With each interaction I have been able to develop, test and refine my hands-on approach, tools, templates, techniques and tips to address common challenges and avoid common pitfalls. All of these are nestled within an approach I have created called The Really Good Idea Test. Can I help you move your ideas forward?

Here are some of the brands I have worked with