The Really Good Idea Test (my book)

In 7 steps, you will find out if your idea is worth pursuing by getting you to the heart of how people feel, think and are going to behave.

A simple, proven, hands-on approach with tools, templates & techniques to help you spring into action. My book, of the same name, was published by Pearson in 2020, won an Axiom Business Book award & has been translated into German & Chinese.

“…Toolkit for validating new product ideas which crams a lot of experience & knowledge into an easy to read book, backed up with practical real life experiences, ‘top tips’ & ‘common pitfalls’…”

Lindsay Brown, Product Owner, KPMG

“…super-easy to read, a ton of actionable advice, a must-have tool for entrepreneurs. Will save years of effort and piles of money…”

Tes Macpherson, CEO at Plansocial

“… really practical step by step instruction to decide if your new product idea is a good one or not. I love the worksheets which help you through a concrete and easy to follow process…”

Celia Francis, CEO, Rated People

Get evidence. Make decisions. Move forward.

Get started with The Really Good Idea Test

Sign up to the ground rules! Get ready to meet your customers / users face to face; get objective; prepare to iterate & agree to make evidence-based decisions.

Step 1: Write Hypothesis

Find a new way to articulate your idea as a hypothesis, making it clear who you intend to create benefit for and what you are trying to achieve overall.

Step 2: Identify Risks

Identify your riskiest assumptions – this is where evidence is light and your guesswork could cause the whole idea to fail.

Step 3: Create Questions

Create interview questions that are designed to get honest, open and insightful evidence to reduce those risky assumptions. 

Write a profile of the group(s) of people you need to interview and work through how you are going to find them.

Step 5: Measures & Targets

Set measures and targets so you know what interview responses constitute evidence that reduces the risky assumptions.

Step 6: Conduct Interviews

Conduct a  comfortable and non-leading conversation where you unlock the most relevant insights & score your measures.  

Step 7: Analyse & Decide

Stay unbiased as you analyse the responses. Now make an informed decision about your next step & move forward with confidence!

This test works for all sorts of ideas, from big ideas for new ventures to ideas for smaller initiatives. It has worked for marketing campaigns, brand creation, product roadmap prioritisation, identifying the best partners to work with and more! It is for those who have profit in mind as well as those interested in more altruistic goals.

These templates will help you spring into action as you put your ideas to the test.

I have built them so that you can easily complete, amend and share them as you move through the 7 steps, learning and iterating as you go. I’m here to help you and happy to work by the hour, so get in touch if you want to chat anything through!

Download your own set of editable templates.

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