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Book a Product Doctor Surgery

I can help with all things product, from creating your strategy and roadmaps through to testing new ideas and carrying out your own customer research. Whether you are an individual or in a team, you can work with me by the hour – no commitment, we can just jump on a video call! Cost: £100 per hour increasing to £150 per hour for larger organisations.

*OFFER* A few complimentary surgeries are available every month for people who have bought my book.

woman in blue denim jacket using macbook pro

Inspiring, motivating, supportive & challenging in a positive way…    

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I can test your ideas for you

From value proposition development to marketing campaigns and branding to product definition, this is pragmatic & resourceful qualitative research with an opportunity to shadow me through the process.

I value the fresh perspectives that Julia brings to a brief…

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Learn to test your own ideas

Bring your ideas with you to a one-one mentoring session or group workshop. Join a public workshop or arrange your own private tailored version, (online or in-person). Make real progress on your own idea and walk away with clear actionable steps.

One of the best learning experiences. Great course…

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Entrepreneurial & commercial awareness workshops

Very well received in secondary schools, by undergraduate & postgraduate audiences. Here is a chance to practice innovation and work-related skills while working up new value propositions and business models.

Julia teaches through active learning that business is about people

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Content & theatre for your team days & events

Trying to find something interactive & thought-provoking for your event? Along with upbeat presentation, webinars and drop-in surgeries, on-stage live user panels are a great way to create some drama. They are hard hitting ways to make audiences really think about “lo-fi” testing of ideas before building their solutions.

The teen panel were great, they were saying just what investors say …

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…talking about event theatre, here I am in action at Product Tank London