I can test your ideas for you

I’m a huge fan of learning how to research your own ideas and propositions but I know that isn’t always an option and sometimes you just want someone to do it for you!

Here is what you can expect from working with me:

  • I will help you to be crystal clear about your overall goal and how you think your idea / product / proposition is going to meet that.
  • You tell me everything that you are thinking about and I will design a research approach that will get you all the answers that you need to make decisions and move forward. My clients tell me that this is very cathartic!
  • I will try to save you money by making sure that the evidence does not already exist, by exploring the most cost effective and practical recruitment options & not spending your money on tarted-up presentations!
  • You can stay as near or far from the research project as you like. My clients sometimes choose to have some of their teams shadow me through the process.
  • As I come with a lot of product experience, I will help you turn the research insights into practical next steps. This is extra credit which is often not on offer from other more traditional research houses.

On a personal note, I love carrying out research. I always find out something that I didn’t know. I find the people connection very enriching and enjoy connecting insight from different projects.
My clients often invite me to sit in as they take their next steps. They call me their “critical friend” as I keep them true to what we discovered about the target audience groups.