Scrum Masters running Experiments

I ran a session with the Agile Practitioners Meetup last week – it was an extract from workshops I run including those at The Mobile Academy.  It was a very effective demonstration of how to “co-curate” using examples and best practice from the room. With scrum masters from many different businesses including Read International, GiffGaff, Natwest, TFL, Squirrel and Pearson, there were lots of examples of assumptions being made about how customers feel, will behave and problems that they have.

Working in groups, each of these businesses was able to use the format in the presentation below to define experiments to reduce those risks. Critique flowed freely with good discussions took on topics like “Is Linkedin really a good way to recruit respondents?”, “How useful are surveys at enabling you to understand real pain felt by a customer?”, “How to use research sessions as a way to get Developers customer centricity”.

I urge Scrum Masters to share this approach with Product Owners as it will help them to truly represent their customers. It matters not if you deliver a product perfectly if it is not what the customer wants or needs.

Here is some feedback from a willing Scrum Master!

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