Getting ready for Teenage Mobile Heroes at HOTMS Conference!

Having great fun getting ready for the next installment of the Travelling Teen Panel for the wonderful HOTMS – Heroes of the Mobile Screen Conference on December 7th.

I have a great mix of panelists from a variety of backgrounds, with a good range of different interests and hailing from different parts of the country – from Hackney to North London and across to Newbury!

They are busy doing their pre-task and getting to grips with using Dropbox as a way to pass over images to me of people, places and things that help to describe who they are. While this is not a topic for the panel on December 7th, it is interesting to see how they get to grips with it – and how intuitive the user interface really is! They are all looking forward to playing Dragons and excited about the range of offerings that are going to be presented to them.

So now what we need are presenters! If you have a teenage offering – from a product or service through to marketing campaign and want the gift of feedback this could be just what you are looking for! You will make a 5 minute pitch to the teenage panel, they will then have the opportunity to ask you some questions and after that, they will tell you what think and may even give you some ideas to develop your offering further.
You can see how this worked at the OTA Conference by going to my previous blog post on OTA. My top tip is to concentrate the presentation on the user experience. The organisers are also offering a FREE TICKET to the conference as an incentive! So come on, BE MY HERO!!

If you want to talk about this opportunity further, please get in touch through the contact form on my blog.

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