Music 4.5 – Quick Feedback!

I am taking a quick break and will be posting the teen insights from The Travelling Teen Panel at Music 4.5 by 20th March, so please bear with me and watch this space!  In the meantime, here is some feedback from the conference:

“the teen panel was really cool” Mike Butcher, Techcrunch

“they were saying the sorts of things that venture capitalists do” Jemima Kiss, Guardian

“Great training for startups – definitely scarier than presenting to VCs. Yes indeed.” @sitar

As you will know, my passion is around creating relevant and engaging learning experiences for young people, I can now also add “the creation of opportunities” to that list.  Shivz Dotz, one of the Travelling Teen panelists is a young DJ from a youth enterprise scheme in Hackney – he has been mobbed all day with offers from various elements of music industry.   He did an on the spot rap to show off the RJDJ product and has told the oldies how teens and music really work.   Suspect the job offers will roll in!

One thought on “Music 4.5 – Quick Feedback!

  1. Seems to me that presenting a new business to The Travelling Teen Panel is fast becoming a right-of-passage for start-ups, like getting featured in TechCrunch. Julia’s panellists aren’t afraid to be candid and for most of us (I pitched to them at Heroes of the Mobile Screen and only faced Mike Butcher and the audience at Music 4.5) it’s live engagement with the key target demographic.

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