Teen Mobile Panel – Sept 09

Next Saturday morning (26th Sept 09) I will be running a Dragon’s Den style panel with four teenage Dragons and pitches from mobile application developers.

This is a session at OTA 2009 – 24 Hours of Mobile Development, Imperial College London, September 25 – 26, 2009. Over the Air is a grassroots mobile developer event, organised by Betavine, Lonely Planet, and OMTP.

My objectives are to
1. Provide an opportunity for developers to get feedback to their products from a live panel of teenagers
2. Reinforce the importance of user input in the development process
3. Provide some insights on current attitudes / lifestyle of our sample modern day teens

I am looking forward to a lively, practical and insightful session with a ban on technical jargon!

3 thoughts on “Teen Mobile Panel – Sept 09

  1. Thanks for your comment Rob. The question is too broad just to ask outright. One way that I have tackled this sort of question in the past is to position it initially as a brainstorm: what are the things that cause you pain when you are out and about? Post it note session – 1 idea per post it. See what comes up – often I find that there will be similar themes that come out of a session like this. Then we group the ideas and move to another brainstorm of solutions to the most popular items… Addressing the needs analysis first enables us to start to then explore if there are ways to address mobile solutions to the most common issues. Make sense?

  2. Blistering feedback from your panel on the ideas proposed, a fantastic session, thanks very much.

    My only question is would it work if you ask the Dragons what’s the one thing they most want on their mobiles?

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