The Really Good Idea Test™

The Really Good Idea Test™ will help you find out if your idea is worth pursuing by getting you to the heart of how people feel, think and are going to behave. One of the best things about this test is that you can drive it on your own, as soon as you have an idea, and you can complete it in just a few weeks. 

The test takes you on a practical, hands-on, highly iterative, seven-step journey. 

Step 1: Find a new way to articulate your idea as a hypothesis, making it clear who you intend to create benefit for and what you are trying to achieve overall.

Step 2: Identify the riskiest assumptions – where evidence is light and your guesswork could cause the whole idea to fail.

Step 3: Create interview questions that are designed to get honest, open and insightful evidence to reduce those risky assumptions. 

Step 4: Write a profile of the group(s) of people you need to interview and work through how you are going to find them.

Step 5: Set measures and targets so you know what interview responses constitute evidence that reduces the risky assumptions. 

Step 6: Brush up on behaviours, practices and tips on opening, closing and conducting the interviews that will help you unlock the most relevant insights from your interviewees. 

Step 7: See tips on how to stay unbiased as you analyse the responses. You are now in a position to make a decision with confidence as it is based on evidence you have gathered, not on your gut feel or best guess. 

One of the best things about this test is that you can do it on your own, as soon as you have an idea and you can complete within just a few weeks. 

This is a very clear, simple structure and methodology which is highly practical with templates I will use in my day job

FTSE100 Product Manager from online workshop in 2020