About Product Doctor

Here I am presenting at Product Tank

Here are my top 10 career achievements:

  1. My book, The Really Good Idea Test, published by Pearson October 2020
  2. I was part of an award winning consultant team for a FTSE100 for an innovation culture changing programme in 2018
  3. I have created & delivered CPD accredited innovation courses since 2012 for UCL & science PhDs nationwide
  4. I directed the UK’s largest empty shops project at Brixton Village which is now one of London’s top hot spots
  5. I was called a “New Radical” by the Guardian and Observer and was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 & BBC Inside Out in 2009
  6. Techcrunch & The Guardian raved about my live conference teen panels
  7. I was named as one of Harpers Bazaar “Top Entrepreneurs under 40” in 2007 for generating $1m p.a for an early Web 2.0 funded startup and increasing users from 1m to 21m
  8. My campaigns were acclaimed by mobile industry press as “the most innovative” and they took T-Mobile UK to market leadership position in 2004
  9. I was responsible at T-Mobile UK for a few firsts: launching the first Blackberry, being the first to activate Shazam in the UK & designing the first bundled price plans
  10. I delivered £millions cost savings for a mobile operator through process re-engineering & product killing! 1993 Р2005

I have been interviewed and named in these publications:

You can read the full story here

I have had many different job roles across many different business environments which gives me a broad understanding of how things work!

  • Innovation Course Director
  • Director of Product & Insights
  • Portfolio & Product Owner / Manager & Marketeer
  • Customer Experience Owner
  • Community Manager
  • Process Improvement Officer
  • Change Manager
  • Project Director
  • Qualitative Researcher
  • Product Mentor & Coach
  • Event Planner, Host & Entertainer!

You can read more about my experience & achievements here on Linkedin.

Here is some of the media coverage I have attracted over the years

Part of the Innovation Award Winning Team at Pearson

Interviewed on Radio 4, You & Yours 

Interviewed by BBC Inside Out as Director of Empty Shops Project, Brixton Village

New radicals making Britain a better place Name checked in The Guardian & The Observer in conjunction with Nesta

London Restaurant Festival Award courtesy of Fay Maschler, for Space Makers work at Brixton Village, which has now become a foodie’s paradise

Mobile Youth TV interview on Digital Youth Project

The Independent quoted by Rhodri Marsden about Digital Music & Young People

Links are no longer available, but here is a list of other coverage:

  • Named as one of the Top Entrepreneurs under 40 for WeeWorld, Harpers Bazaar
  • BBC London Inside Out interview about the Brixton Village Space Makers Project, (video available on demand)
  • The Really Mobile Project coverage of the Teen Panel at Mobile Heroes Conference
  • Brand Republic quoted by Lisa Devaney about the “pop up” culture, re: Brixton Village Space Makers Project
  • New Media Age quoted by Meg Carter about Child Created Content
  • Mobile Marketing article by David Murphy covering Teen Panel at Mobile Heroes Conference
  • BusinessZone article by Dan Martin covering Teen Panel at Music 4.5 Conference
  • “Chief Cheerleader and Battering Ram” – Blog Post by Asher Rickayzen of Relume talking about my role in the Brixton Village Project as an example of “Challenger Spirit”
  • Brand-e.biz article by Steve Mullins on Resourceful Youth
  • TechEye coverage of the Teen Panel at Music 4.5 Conference
  • Symbian where I wrote a guest blog about New Approaches to Product Research
  • MSearch Groove interview by Peggy-Anne Salz on why I started the Digital Youth Project
  • Most innovative mobile campaigns for Picture Messaging for T-Mobile, Mobile News