Teen Mobile Panel – Sept 09

Next Saturday morning (26th Sept 09) I will be running a Dragon’s Den style panel with four teenage Dragons and pitches from mobile application developers.

This is a session at OTA 2009 – 24 Hours of Mobile Development, Imperial College London, September 25 – 26, 2009. Over the Air is a grassroots mobile developer event, organised by Betavine, Lonely Planet, and OMTP.

My objectives are to
1. Provide an opportunity for developers to get feedback to their products from a live panel of teenagers
2. Reinforce the importance of user input in the development process
3. Provide some insights on current attitudes / lifestyle of our sample modern day teens

I am looking forward to a lively, practical and insightful session with a ban on technical jargon!

Tweenter – A Design & Insights Challenge

Along the theme of interesting digital real life case studies to use in work-related learning school sessions – how about the challenge of designing a version of Twitter that appeals more to Teens? “Tweenter” if you will.

We know that teens are following their fave celebrities on Twitter but that they are not really adopting the other capabilities that it offers. We have also seen many different user interfaces pop up in this space – Tweetdeck and Tweetmeme as examples.

This would be a really engaging challenge as an innovation case study where I would guide teams of students through the innovation process and also give opportunities to practice other work related skills such as teamwork, communication, presentation and so on. This would also lend itself well as a practical exercise to support a marketing, design or business syllabus.

Teach the Digital Teach

A couple of ideas here to encourage teachers in schools to use digital teaching resources:

1. I heard from Jude Ower (from Digital 2.0) yesterday that a school in Aberdeenshire has different games consoles in each classroom – see this amazing Futurelab report she helped to research that explores the educational properties of gaming – http://bit.ly/2lVCaw

2. Many teachers are really good with ICT, creating engaging digital learning experiences for their students. I would encourage schools to cross skill – perhaps introduce a credit system where teachers that invest time training other teachers will receive some benefits in return.

3. Teachable.net offer free ICT training for teachers – with budget cuts in teacher development this is a great option – along with their collection of resources. See http://www.teachable.net.

Just in case you have not thought about this before – “digital natives” – i.e. the generation that are at school today are going to engage better with digital delivery rather than text books-based learning. Of course this assumes that the digital plans are created well – something that Teachable and others can help with.